Star Hot Dog Broiler 175CBA

Star Hot Dog Broiler

36 Dog and 32 Bun Capacity Broil-O-Dog with Bun Warmer Cradle Wheel



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Broil-O-Dog Hot Dog Broiler, cradle type rotisserie, cap. 36 dogs & 32 buns, over-and-under hot dog broiler/bun warmer, merchandiser design, glass front, stainless steel exterior finish

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Increase your hot snack food offerings and boost impulse sales at your convenience store, concession stand, or snack bar with this Star 175CBA Broil-O-Dog hot dog broiler. The Star 175CBA Broil-O-Dog hot dog broiler features a cradle style wheel that can cook 32 hot dogs to perfection. This cradle style wheel rolls the hot dogs as they cook, providing a more evenly cooked product. Its pull out bun warmer with removable stainless steel pan keeps up to 32 hot dog buns warm and ready to serve without becoming soggy.

An adjustable infinite temperature control provides a wide range of temperature options, while specially treated glass reflects radiant heat back into the cabinet, which increases cooking speeds and decreases exterior temperatures for safe, self serve operation. The Star 175CBA Broil-O-Dog hot dog broiler requires a 120V electrical connection. A 6' power cord with plug is included. Consult the Specification Sheet for further details.



  • Broil-O-Dog Hot Dog Broiler
  • Cradle type rotisserie
  • Cap. 36 dogs & 32 buns
  • Over-and-under hot dog broiler/bun warmer
  • Merchandiser design
  • Glass front
  • Stainless steel exterior finish


  • Stainless steel cradle-type hot dog wheel provides basting action that rolls the dogs resulting in more evenly cooked products with uniform color.
  • Special glass reflects radiant energy back into the cabinet, increasing speed of cooking and decreasing exterior temperature.
  • Momentary wheel switch for easy loading and unloading of product.
  • Adjustable thermostat provides wide range temperature control.


Width: 19 1/2"
Depth: 14 1/2"
Height: 24"

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Spec Sheet

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