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9-27-2017, 4:34 AM

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Read before estimating overall budget for kitchen renovation
It is a given that the total cost for renovation will definitely cross the estimated budget. My kitchen remodelling took about 2 weeks to complete which included custom cabinetry, replacing floor tiles, sink pipe and exhaust pipe. The period got extended further beyond the deadline after we decided to get the cabinets installed for the office desks and wardrobes in our house as well. I gotta say they had a neat collection of modern kitchen cabinets

Moreover, I took two Fridays off just to make sure they were not being sluggish while I go to work. One day, I returned home in the afternoon to find the guy assigned to replace the tiles was simply not there. He came back at 4 pm in the evening and I still remember that weird smile on his face when he saw me. After spending about half an hour eating his meal, he came over and said, "I guess we'll wind up for today. Catch ya later then". These things are bound to happen. So, it's always reasonable to expect delays, increased labour costs and then determine your budget.

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