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Food waste disposal after effects
Just think what would happen if we throw away all the garbage and junk somewhere else. The consequence can be too severe. Also, in some places, they don't have any authority to look after the waste management activities. Imagine such a situation, it is for sure that the environment will suffer.
If we all throw the junk or any rubbish to a nearby river or to the landfills it will definitely create a big issue. Food waste thrown into landfills and rots it would produce methane and it results in global warming.
Greenhouse gas emission would affect the total global condition and it may result in land degradation. So if we use the food wisely it would reduce food loss. Recycling is also a good method to avoid such wastes.
In our area, we use bin rental services and they collect the waste thrice in a week. Also, share some your methods for efficient waste disposal. Thanks in advance.

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