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4-20-2017, 5:00 AM
Restaurant Manager

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Buy cooking equipments
Hello all, I'm here for some suggestions to my new shop. I have started a new restaurant. It is running in the partnership of my cousin. It has not yet started to its full swing. The ground floor is partially furnished and the remaining works are going in progress. Painting works are almost finished. Kitchen flooring is not finished and we have chosen vinyl flooring. Plumbing works are almost finished.
Last week, I saw some offers online for kitchen equipment like cooking ranges, commercial ovens, grills etc. I had already purchased a microwave. I was looking for buying some branded yet reasonable ranges and grills. Since this is a good offer, I don't want to miss the chance. But the problem is if I buy this now, there won't be a safe place to keep them until the flooring and furnishing works are over.
When I had a discussion on this with my partner, he suggested going for a temporary self-storage unit in Toronto. Since I am a newbie in the business field, I don't know anything about such storage units and their working. It would be a great help if you can help me with suggestions. Are such storage units reliable? Please reply with suggestions.

4-27-2017, 1:23 AM
Equipment Expert

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RE: Buy cooking equipments
first of all congratulations on your startup.. 
you can find here Refrigeration unit manufacturer in maharashtra  storage units.

5-25-2017, 6:26 AM

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RE: Buy cooking equipments
Thanks for sharing..
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10-9-2017, 1:41 AM
Kathy Smith
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RE: Buy cooking equipments
I am a profiessional chef. I use those in my kitchen.

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