Gold Medal Corn Dog Fryer 8065NSD

Gold Medal Corn Dog Fryer

43 lb. Gas Corn Dog Fryer



Price: $1,580.75


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Universal Fryer, propane gas, 43 lb. cooking oil capacity, non-electric thermostat, includes: skewer clip assemblies & battery powered igniter, stainless steel construction, 65,000 BTU

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Fry up crispy, delicious corn dogs in no time with this corn dog fryer from Gold Medal. This corn dog fryer utilizes liquid propane for clean burning and efficient heating. The stainless steel construction promotes easy cleaning and long lasting durability. Able to fry 6 corn dogs at one time, this corn dog fryer will easily increase your corn dog output and merchandise them with delicious smells! The 43 lb oil capacity ensures that your corn dogs will fry to a delicious golden brown and taste outstanding!

Corn Dog Fryer, LP gas, 43 lb. cooking oil capacity, non-electric thermostat, stainless steel construction, allow 10" clearance on all sides Only load one side at a time, so 6 per batch, otherwise you will lower the temp of the oil and recovery time will be too slow and your batter will absorb the oil instead of cooking properly. When those are done take out and load the next side for the next round of dogs


  • Universal Fryer
  • Propane gas
  • 43 lb. cooking oil capacity
  • Non-electric thermostat
  • Skewer clip assemblies & battery powered igniter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 65,000 BTU
  • Non-electric thermostat


  • Non-electric thermostat ensures you have the correct temperature for frying
  • Holds 43 pounds of cooking oil for high frying production
  • Versatile piece of equipment


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