Pitco was founded in 1918 with the goal of researching, designing, and delivering new ideas for frying. So while times and tastes do change, you can always count on Pitco to be the first to bring you the best new ideas in the business.  By their very design, Pitco's Frialators offer substantial advances over bottom-fired fryers. Their tube-fired heating system creates a larger heat transfer area that quickly heats oil to proper cooking temperatures. Since there's less waiting for oil to heat, your food is less likely to absorb shortening and more likely to maintain flavor.
Further, since the tubes transfer heat throughout the fryer, you don't have to worry about scorching your oils. Your oil lasts longer without adding carbon flavor to your product. To further minimize this carbonization, Pitco Fryers give you a larger "cool zone" to capture the natural fall-off that occurs during frying. This, too, helps you avoid costly and distasteful shortening breakdown.

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