Dishtables are added to the ends of either door-type or conveyor machines. They provide a loading and unloading space for dirty and clean dishes. You will need to consider the flow direction of the dishes through your dish room in order to select the correct configuration. Dishtables come as “soiled” or “clean” models. Soiled tables feature a scrap block, small sink and faucet holes. In most commercial kitchens, there is a trash can below the scrap block, a garbage disposal attached to the sink, a pre-rinse sprayer in the faucet holes and a rack for dishes to the right of the sink. Employees scrap and rinse off dirty dishes and place them directly into the rack. Once the rack is full, it is pushed into the washer or onto the conveyor. Clean dishtables are on the other end of the machine and it is where the clean racks of dishes are kept for a little bit of air drying and to be unloaded. Take a look at Kitchen Restaurant Supply's large selection of Dish Tables and Undercounter Dish Tables at the internet's lowest pricing.

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